Most Useful Elements of Apple Cider Vinegar

Everyone needs adequate amounts of many minerals and vitamins to stay healthy. Experts suggest that people of all ages should consume a variety of nutrients. Here’s good news – Apple Cider Vinegar contains many of them.

Beta-carotene found in Apple Cider Vinegar is a powerful antioxidant. This vitamin also helps neutralize free radical molecules preventing regeneration of healthy cells into malignant form.

Boron is an important residual element contained in Apple Cider Vinegar. It’s useful for the entire body and especially for developing healthy bones. Boron plays a major part in utilization of calcium and magnesium – essential elements for maintaining bone mass.

Calcium – Apple Cider Vinegar contains the required amount of calcium. This mineral is particularly important for the transmission of nerve impulses and muscle contractions. If you lack calcium in your diet, the body starts eating away the calcium from your bones which in turn weakens the skeletal structure making the bones fragile and weak.

Enzymes for proper digestion – protein molecules that perform digestion. Enzymes only come from plant food, such as apples and Apple Cider Vinegar.
Fiber – vinegar, made from fresh apples, contains pectin – a soluble fiber that prevents the absorption of fats, which lowers cholesterol and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and hyperextension.

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Iron – human body needs iron and Apple Cider Vinegar contains this substance in a fully absorbent compound. This helps avoid iron deficiency – main cause of anemia.

Amino acids – vinegar contains residual elements of amino acids that are useful for chemical reactions of the brain and emotional state.

In conclusion we should also mention hydrochloric acid – Apple Cider Vinegar encourages normal release of hydrochloric acid which is necessary for digestion. As we age, the amount of hydrochloric acid that the stomach produces diminishes.

In order to normalize the digestive system, people of certain age should start regularly implementing Apple Cider Vinegar. This is achieved by drinking Apple Cider Vinegar before meals to ease the process of digestion.


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